About us

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With more than sixty years at national and international level, founded on ethicaland commitment principles, we assume honest and socially responsible behaviors so developing very important projects strengthen us as a Company committed with excellence.

We have qualified professional staff in different disciplines giving value to the places we arrive. We open a pathway to progress, welfare and responsability because we know that this is the way to write history and that will be our best heritage.

We are part of the world transformation, of the man evolution as a human and proffessional being, of the techological advances and of a world that is constantly looking for development; it has led us to grow up with adaptability to becomethelead engineering company in our country.


Colombia - Main Office

Carrera 46 N° 52 - 36. Ed. Vicente Uribe Rendón. Medellín.
PBX: +57 (4) 511 54 00

Colombia - Bogotá

Carrera 7 N° 32 - 83 Offices 301 - 302
PBX: +57 (1) 443 13 70


Calle Antequera No. 606 - Ofic 301
San Isidro - Lima, Perú.
Tels: (+511) 441 2073 -
441 2074 Anexo 110