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Quality Policy

Quality, Security, Occupational Health and Environment

In the group of companies, Integral S.A. is dedicated to the engineering consultancy service on all fields; work is carried out systematically to conduct all its processes with a continuous improvement focus in quality, security, occupational health and environment, according to the national and international legal requirements and consistent with the vision, mission and values. Within this context we are committed to:

  • To provide a service that includes response capacity, technological innovation and optimization of cost-benefit-risk that guarantee our customers to remain.
  • To reduce the risks in all the processes with the participation of all interested parties according to the current legal norms and other applicable requirements included in the HSE-Q Systems.
  • To encourage self governance in all the processes carried out by the business group.
  • To commit our employees, the contractor´s staff, providers and third parties to comply with the established standards in HSE-Q.
  • To review periodically the Integral policy.




Colombia - Main Office

Carrera 46 N° 52 - 36. Ed. Vicente Uribe Rendón. Medellín.
PBX: +57 (4) 511 54 00

Colombia - Bogotá

Carrera 7 N° 32 - 83 Offices 301 - 302
PBX: +57 (1) 443 13 70


Calle Antequera No. 606 - Ofic 301
San Isidro - Lima, Perú.
Tels: (+511) 441 2073 -
441 2074 Anexo 110