About Us

For over six decades of global experience in consulting engineering, we are known for working based on ethical principles and a high level of commitment, through honest and socially responsible behaviors.
We are committed to the development of outstanding projects that generate positive impact always striving to achieve excellence in everything we do. We have highly qualified professionals in various disciplines, adding value to the communities we serve.
We trace a path of progress, well-being and responsibility, convinced that this will be our legacy.

Our Mission

Provide superior technical capability to our customers, giving effective and efficient solutions

Our Vision

To be a leading engineering company with an outstanding international presence, recognized for our excellent performance and quality. Our high organizational standards and core values will lead us to be the preferred company by our customers and associates.

We strive to achieve high levels of profitability through the diversification and innovation of our services, generation of our own projects, being committed to sustainable development and becoming a recognized company in the world of engineering


Acomplish our agreements even in chalenging and adverse circumstances is to be loyal. It is a virtue that requires the development of our community consciousness. It is the full expression of working for a common goal, taking into account others as the first element before the individual.


To commit ourselves is to put our capacities and our being to the fullest in order to carry out all that has been entrusted to us.

The commitment that comes from the heart goes beyond the contractual.


Respect for others is the fundamental value that starts from the following consideration: the other person is important and deserves to be valued as a person, regardless of the differences that may exist. When we understand that it is offensive to force a situation or someone just to fulfill our desires or aspirations, we are exercising respect. When we value the interests and needs of others we are respecting their essence as individuals.


Honesty is the living expression of sincerity reflected in our actions when they are consistent with what we think and pursue in an organizational context. Honesty is born of the full transparency born of professional and civil ethics that leads us to have the truth present at all times. Honesty must be born from the full conviction to do things well because it is born in the depths of our being and not because there are requirements or surveillance mechanisms. Honesty is born first of all from sincerity with oneself.


It is the firm hope in a person or institution, it is something that is built over time. Trust in others is above all a genuine and positive expectation towards others, which generates the necessary motivation, the desire to respond for what is entrusted and motivates the effort and a deployment of energy towards the achievement of things. Trust is the result of relying on other people by giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities to the best of their abilities.