• Bridge analysis and design
  • Design of road infrastructure works
  • Advice, review and supervision in design and construction of road infrastructure works
  • Review and design of civil works associated with substations and transmission lines, in all stages of design
  • Inspection of metallic structures in fabrication and erection
  • Design and review of civil works specifically associated with aerial cable stations and cable line support structures.
  • Structural designs in mass transportation infrastructure by means of subway or aerial cable.
  • Design and review of civil works associated with mining operation infrastructure, at all stages of design
  • Calculations and designs for dimensioning and detailing of support and anchoring structures for equipment that transforms hydraulic energy into electrical energy.
  • Structural design of the hydraulic works associated with detour, bottom discharges, intermediate discharges, spillway and catchments
  • Designs for water and sewerage systems
  • Designs of civil works of the WTP and WWTP
  • Pathology studies of the annexed works of the water and sewage systems

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