Energy planning and project assessment

  • Power and energy studies, simulation of reservoir operation and analysis of reservoir operation policies
  • Analysis and advice on regulatory aspects of the electricity sector and energy market.
  • Evaluation and economic optimization of energy projects
  • Evaluation of renewable energy projects with non-conventional, solar, photovoltaic, wind and geothermal sources
  • Studies and evaluation of self-generation and co-generation projects in industrial and mining systems
  • Cost analysis of electric power generation projects
  • Selection of optimal alternatives for development, modernization or expansion of energy production
  • Analysis of basic financing schemes and structuring of energy projects
  • Engineering of risks associated with the energy and industrial sector
  • Operations research applied to power sector problems, resource planning, and transportation problems
  • Design, development and implementation of automated tools to support analysis and decision making processes
  • Support in the valuation and sale of energy projects and assets
  • Due diligence of energy studies and projects
  • Operational and repowering analysis of generation plants and assets

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